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  1. RuruChan Jun 02, 2014

    Quote by aniimel have I told you I love your scans? :D
    thanks a lot for sharing

    Thanks for liking it and you're welcome! :D

  2. RuruChan Jun 02, 2014

    Quote by aniimel

    Quote by RuruChan
    Same with you too!
    So sorry for late reply by the way..
    so how are you already?

    Hi hi! long time! n.n
    I'm fine :D
    finally ending school and ready to enter college :S
    what's left is taking the last examns

    How about you? doing fine? n.n

    I see.. That's good to hear..
    Really? You'll be in college? What course are you going to take then?
    How was your last exams btw?

    Yep! I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. :)
    I'm actually gonna go to school tomorrow and get myself enrolled. (>_<)